I am JH Gethro from

I am JH Gethro from Haiti. I discovered Faith Leads University (FLU) on Google, and this has changed my life.

First of all, this is a free program and completely online. Which helps me study while doing other activities. I think this is a great opportunity for full time mothers and workers who would like to gain new skills in Business Administration, leadership and Theology. Second, I appreciate how the teachers took their time to at least once a week have a zoom class with us where they answer  our questions and give further explanations about the lessons and exercises.

This certificate degree in Business Administration-BOLT has helped me gain so many skills such as office administration, computer and leadership skills. Which helps me get a promotion as the coordinator of practical work at the Université Polyvalente d’Haïti (Polyvalent University of Haiti). This was for me a great experience and I am looking forward to getting my admission into the Master’s degree program (MBA).

I would like everyone who will have the chance to read this testimony to take advantage of this free online degree program.

God bless FLU.

JH Gethro ALTEMA, FLU Alumnus

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