Our Focus

Our focus is on students from developing nations where religion is usually very prominent, yet the virtues of their beliefs are scarcely practised. There is wide spread failure in leadership , often characterised by corruption and moral decadence.  People who rise to power politically, economically, socially or otherwise seldom have Christian values, while people who imbibe Christian values seldom rise to leadership positions except probably in the ecclesiastical space.  There appear to be a divide between the Church and Leadership; our goal is to bridge this gap. The best leadership are those who lead by biblical principles and are both street smart and bible savvy.

Our Passion

Our passion is for the souls of men, and to bring people to the redemptive knowledge of Jesus Christ. We charge fees to cover cost of running our organization; any excess is used for evangelical purposes through our partner Okatahi Foundation.

Our Approach

Passing examination confirms only one aspect of learning which is “knowledge or remembering”. We go beyond this to ensure students comprehend and apply what is learnt, then create solutions to practical problems.

Our Team

Our lecturers are those with practical (industry) experience. They have lived or are living what they teach and will bring their experience to bear.

Our Expected Outcome

We expect and believe that our programs will develop the leader within you, and also equip you for great service unto God and humanity.