Learning DomainsSample Verbs for Writing Learning ObjectivesSample activities
Knowledge or RememberingRecall, tell, show, match, list, label, define, cite, name, brainstormTest, worksheet, quiz, labeling, table
ComprehensionCompare, contrast, demonstrate, identify, report, outline, summarize, review, explain, catalogOutline, summary, test, identifications, review, compare and contrast exercise
ApplicationDevelop, organize, use, select, model, choose, construct, translate, experiment, illustrateReport, diagram, graph, illustration, project, video, case study, journal
AnalysisAnalyze, categorize, classify, distinguish, dissect, examine, differentiate, calculate, solve, arrangeModel, report, project, solution, debates, case-study solution
SynthesisCombine, compose, solve, formulate, adapt, develop, create, validate, designArticle, report, essay, experiment, composition, essay audio or video product, drawing, graph, design
EvaluationAssess, evaluate, determine, measure, select, defend, score, rank, discriminate, judge, justify, conclude, recommendPeer and self-evaluations, charts, critique