1.Can I transfer my credit units to other universities?
Yes. Ensure you confirm what Articulation Agreements are in place first.
2. Do you accept credit units from other universities?
3. Are there real- life classes?
Yes some live classes and webinars.
4. Are the online programs self-paced or scheduled?
Our online programs have a start and end dates along with due dates for assignments. However some lessons are self-paced. Admissions are on a rolling basis.
5. What kind of places can I work with a degree in Leadership, Business and Theology?
Graduates can go on to careers in Project Management, entrepreneurship, politics, consulting, government, church administration and various administrative roles in corporate organizations.
6. My degree was taught and written in a foreign language. Can I still apply to FLU?
You would need to submit a duly certified translated copy. You would also require an English Proficiency Test result.
7. Can I pay tuition in installments?
All fees payments are in full.
8. Is the university a private university?
Faith Leads University is a privately owned Christian university.
9. What technological skills do I need to be successful?
Students are expected to have basic skills regarding standard computer use and applications (office, Google doc etc).Good internet access is also required.
  • Affordable Quality Education
  • Internationally Accredited
  • Option of finishing on-campus with a partner university
  • A more practical approach to learning