Do not focus on the physical or obvious, address the spiritual (strongholds, evil forces) and the physical obeys.


  • God works through men (people) but works beyond human effort.
  • People expect results for them to be convinced of a matter.
  • Spiritual forces influence finances, marriages, families, results, etc.
  • Faith is always required to overcome.

Story – Jesus Calms a Storm

  • Jesus and His disciples sailed on a boat, and a storm arose.
  • Jesus was asleep, the disciples woke him up in fear, to help them.
  • Jesus calmed the storm.

Deep Insight

  • Every storm is made of wind (spiritual) and water (physical).
  • Jesus rebuked the wind (spiritual dimension) and then spoke to the water (physical dimension).
  • By rebuking the spiritual the physical obeyed.
  • Storms are usually a sign of imminent promotion.


List any 3 “storms” in your life and use the power of prayers, worship and the “Word” to overcome them




Luke 8: 22 – 25. Mark 4:36-41, Hebrews 11:3

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