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Strategic Marketing

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About Course

Our strategic marketing course is geared towards a very practical approach to the very important subject area of marketing. Focus will be on developing your abilities to apply various principles and theories to specific problems. Competitive marketing strategies are introduced, and theories are applied to different economic environments as well as to different competitive environments.

In addition, a significant portion of this course will be given to digital marketing. Learning outcomes will hone skills in analytics intelligence, email marketing, e-commerce as well as other relevant digital marketing areas.

Course Content

Week 1: Introduction to Marketing

  • Marketing overview
  • Marketing Orientation/Philosophy
  • Lesson 3. Marketing vs Sales
  • Week 1 Quiz

Week 2: Marketing Research and Strategic analysis
Reading material https://www.zamaros.net/Market%20Research.pdf

Week 3: Product Development and Innovation
Product development is an essential strategic requirement. Organisations can alter, replicate, or innovate when it comes to product creation. To avoid marketing failures, a comprehensive NPD approach is required. Furthermore, managers must address the concept of innovation throughout the business. Product development and innovation, by definition, are strategic activities that shape the future.

Week 4: Sales Management
Sales management is the act of building a sales staff, coordinating sales operations, and executing sales techniques that enable a company to consistently meet, if not exceed, its sales targets. A sales management strategy is essential if your company generates any income. When it comes to managing sales and improving sales performance for any size business, regardless of industry, the key to success is always accurate sales management strategy.

Week 5: International Marketing

Week 6: Consumer Behavior

Week 7: Branding
The main goal of branding decisions is to create a distinct identity for the product or service that is also consistent with previous targeting and positioning decisions.

Week 8: Marketing Strategy- Case Study
Competitive advantage and marketing strategy are inextricably linked concepts. The process of identifying a fundamental and sustainable basis on which to compete is known as competitive advantage. Marketing strategy seeks to provide this competitive edge. Porter (1980) distinguishes three generic strategy as primary sources of competitive advantage. Cost leadership, differentiation, and focus are examples of these. These, arguably, serve as the foundation for all strategic activities and support the organization's wide range of marketing initiatives. Furthermore, management must define the competitive scope of the business, determining whether it will target a large or small range of industries/customers. Essentially, either operating across the industry or focusing on specific market sectors.

Week 9: Digital marketing

Week 10: Submission final assessment (group work)

Student Ratings & Reviews

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Bibian Iyke-Nzeh
2 weeks ago
The course has helped me to understand what strategy marketing entails and how to position myself for great and new opportunities
Mojishola Thomas
3 weeks ago
good course. Learning materials easily accessible and understandable
3 months ago
Good course and recommended
The Strategic Marketing course gave me confidence to do more advanced work in the subject. I believe that what I am being asked to learn in this course is important. The readings were appropriate to the goals of the course. The written assignments contributed to my knowledge of the course material and understanding of the subject.
6 months ago
Great & wonderful
The strategic marketing module offers a comprehensive understanding of marketing concepts, tools, and strategies. It equipped me with the skills to analyze markets, develop effective marketing plans, and create value for customers. This module is vital for anyone interested in harnessing the power of marketing to drive business success. I give lots of credit to the lecturer for giving concise videos and good study resources..
6 months ago
Fantastic introduction to this important field. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning about strategic marketing regardless of their prior experience.
edga kayombo
6 months ago
great and Very Amaizing
Nicholas Chawanda
6 months ago
Good learning and interactive.It has equipped me with a profound understanding of marketing strategy and provided practical tools to succeed in the marketing field
Duncan Musasizi
6 months ago
good learning and interactive. Learning materials easily accessible
The Strategic Marketing course has been an instrumental part of our educational journey. It has equipped me with a profound understanding of marketing strategy and provided practical tools to succeed in the marketing field