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Week 1 – Projects & Project Frameworks
This course focuses on both project management and the Lean Six Sigma methodologies. There is weekly reading from the course slides as noted in each weekly reading section as well as weekly assignments. If the assignment has both a Six Sigma and Project Management components please utilize separate headings for these assignments in the same word document.
Week 2 – Prince 2 Foundations
Consider completing any videos from week 1 and review slides for the lecture
Week 3 – Business Case/ Project Charter
What is a business case and why it is important to have one when initiating a project
Week 4 – Risk Management
What is risk Management in Project Management and why it is important to keep track of risks and effectively manage them
Week 5 – Project Planning
Project Planning and Breaking down the overall project to deliverable tasks
Week 6 – Project Organisation & Stakeholder Management
Understanding Roles and responsibilities in a project environment Understanding Stakeholder involvement in a project and how they should be managed
Week 7 – Change/Progress/Project Reporting
Managing change within a project, Project reporting and why it is important
Week 8 – Assignment Week
Assignment week. Use this week to review all learnings
Delivering Successful Projects (Project Management)
Please complete previous Lesson first
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