My name is Ibe Tina

My name is Ibe Tina Nneka, i am a Nigerian currently working as a Management Personnel (Lead, People and Culture) also known as Human Resource.
My first impression about Faith Leads University is the distinct combination of career path and theology i.e asides building a godly leader in me that is able to influence our contemporary world while maintaining biblical principles, values, competence, persistence, integrity and service, my career will also be propelled in the right direction.

FLU would be of benefit to everyone provided they value integrity, vision and leadership, FLU is my choice of learning Business Management and Admin because FLU provides a broad insight of these meta-skills needed always by people.
Absolutely there is a huge link between what I have learnt so far in FLU and my future career as I aspire to be a Business Management Consultant, I see my course at FLU as a step toward exploring finance post-graduation. I trust the program will enhance my commercial acumen and professional skills, taking my career to the next level.
Combining school with work was very tasking but I had to find a balance.

FLU has left an indelible mark on me, which remains an important turning point for my career, FLU opened my eyes to how imperative it is to choose a career path with measurable impacts on people and national, I’m enthusiastic about contributing to talent acquisition and business management. I now strongly believe in continuous development. I am convinced this course will equip me with the relevant knowledge, skills, and attributes necessary to become a force in my field of practice.