FLU is beyond school, it’s

FLU is beyond school, it’s God sent institution directed to shaping lives for God and humanity and we seldom see such in our world today. I mean God and human appreciates FLU. I testified virtually in the presence of over 20nations having been chosen by the institution to speak in it’s graduation ceremony. I have spoken of how I got to be a top admin staff and preferred by so many bosses who will want me to bring my ideas and work to help better their projects. I had four bosses and all were of top tier in the hospital. It was stress-free because of the overall impact from FLU. In summary I have been promoted twice just in a space of 1year. I am now my company’s facility manager. It is important to note that am a graduate of Geology with a second class upper grade, never had experience of a hospital setting, but am so thriving at my work. This is the hand work of God through Faith Leads University. Thank you for helping me become a better man. Gracias!!!

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