Faith Leads University has influenced

Faith Leads University has influenced my life and career in a positive way. I was part of the first set of MOCM trainees and the skills and knowledge I gained from that programme were immense.

After the training, I was chosen as IT director for a forum of Mission Leaders in my church RCCG. I Also had the opportunity to go on a mission outreach trip to another African country from Nigeria where I served in the Media department for the group.

Some time ago I was invited as a visiting trainer to a Mission School in Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria where I teach ICT in Missions and Church Ministries. I used the knowledge gained at FLU MOCM training to upgrade myself and the output is commendable.

I am now very proficient in the use of Adobe Express and Postermywall apps for graphics design. I can now use easy worship software and other livestreaming platforms for live church service streaming. Thanks to FLU.

God bless the leadership and staff of Faith Leads University.