Howdy, Davida Blackman

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About Me:

Pastor DaVida Blackman currently works as a teaching consultant for a private school. She is the CEO of an Event Production and Organizational Management company based on the East Coast and is a consultant for a prestigious non-profit company that umbrellas healthcare and educational services.

Pastor DaVida has over 18 years of experience in ministry, pastoral care, and business development. She specializes in business and lifestyle coaching, chaplaincy, managing people and organizations, and organizational communication. Her years of experience in healthcare, non-profit, government, corporate business, and entertainment sectors of society made her a well-rounded person with a lot to offer to others as a consultant.

Pastor DaVida has a BS in Biology and a BS in Organizational Management and Leadership from Nyack College, Masters in Divinity from Regent University, FEMA certifications for Effective Communication, Decision Making and Problem Solving. She is also a certified Life Coach and Project Manager. She enjoys helping youth and young adults discover their passion and purpose through career development, self-esteem coaching and leadership empowerment.