Howdy, David Callen

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About Me:

Talented (innate drive): Catalyzing Engineering Prime Mover: As a prime mover, David is motivated to train, coach, manage and facilitate his course clients, project teams and stakeholders to apply their newly learned information to various areas of their lives and work. He has strong people skills as well as strong in-depth study and data analysis skills. He has subject matter versatility and thrives with ambiguous issues that need definition and then application.

10+ years as Senior Pastor, he focused on individual and organizational growth and development. He functioned as a: public speaker, and facilitator & team leader, pastor and overseer. He also taught for 15+ years (plus 4 years teaching at Christian high school) various kinds of subjects including various Bible studies; Discovering Your Purpose (SIMA® Assessment) with applications in ministry niche, career and raising your family; Christian history, decision making and the will of God, and Skills of Communication and Negotiation.

He has an unbeatable combination of Lean Six Sigma expertise and the SIMA® analyses applied through a Biblical frame of reference. With over 13 years of work Lean Six Sigma process analysis and improvement, David brings a powerful result oriented blend of analytical expertise that includes change management, Lean Six Sigma, and SIMA® (System to Identify Motivated Abilities) analyses. He has led over 35 Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt Courses. Led and completed 40+ projects with a financial impact totaling $32 million.

Degrees include: Masters of Arts in the History of Ideas and Masters of Divinity (Trinity International University), Six Sigma Black Belt (University of Idaho/ETI Group, Lean Certification (Idaho's MEP Organization), Certified Scrum Master (Scrum Alliance).