Howdy, Daniel OMEIZA

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About Me:

Daniel is a performance-driven Business Development and Project Manager with an academic background in Marketing, Project Management (Project Management for Development Professionals PMD Pro.) Daniel is a member of The Global Project Management Professional Society UK - British School of Project Management.

I have 14+ years progressive experience in Business Development, Operations and Project Management where I have focused on executive and middle level management assignments.
I have successfully launched a variety of new project, worked extensively in the areas of community level interventions, performance management, market research and business re-structuring.

Daniel has served in various ministerial capacities in Churches, Fellowship and Christian organisation among the youth as a Pastor, dynamic teacher of the word of God and a passionate disciple of the Lord Jesus.

He has focused on Church growth, Members’ Spiritual Development/maturity, and development of Bible base leadership curricula/ courses in some local assembly in Nigeria.