Program Overview

The Certificate in Ministry – MOCM (Mobile and Online Church Ministry) program focuses on teaching vital skills to help your church experience significant growth. This involves the effective implementation of clearly defined strategies that leverage the power of technology. The course provides a comprehensive understanding of approaches to expand your church community, along with emphasizing crucial technology skills relevant in today’s digital era. Throughout the program, a strong commitment to unwavering biblical principles is maintained.


Benefits Of This Program

Learning Made Easy

Learn at your convenience.

3 months Duration

Earn your certificate in just 2 months.

Earn Transfer Credits

You earn transferable Credit Units when you complete each of the Certificate courses.

Personal Message from the President

You are about to start a life transforming journey in Leadership, Business and Theology. We believe that this program will equip you with knowledge and skills to fulfil your purpose and impact your world.
Professor Emeritus Angela Okatahi,
PhD 1984, Kansas State University.

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