Educational Donations for African, Asian and South American Students.

You can help us educate more students by your generous gifts. Several students from developing nations (especially Africa) desire to study with us, but our capacity is  limited as we require more funds. The table  below shows a quick analysis of our activities per annum and average cost per student.

Our Student Capacity  Demand for Courses Deficit Average Cost Price per Student
500 3,500 3,000 $500


Our primary model is to empower our students through free quality education (100% scholarship provided), and when they are successful, they donate (give back) to maintain the system of empowering others. In essence, we are funded by our foundation, donors, students and alumni.

Since we are incorporated, your gifts (donations) are not deductible as charitable contributions with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax returns.

May you receive bountiful blessings as you sponsor someone and sow into the Kingdom of God in Jesus name, amen.

You can Give in 2 ways.

1. Domestic & International Transfers (Preferred method, no online fees).
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2. Give Online