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Strategic Business Management

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About Course

The course explains business strategy and also covers the following from a strategic perspective: Environment of business; Exploring global business and economics; Navigating the world of e-business; International Business; Management and organization; Performance Measurement as well as; Building customer relationships through effective Marketing.

What Will You Learn?

  • What is a business strategy.
  • How to create a business strategy.
  • Business strategy models.
  • Understand and analyze the key features of an industry and develop strategies that position the organization to optimize resources.
  • Identify and harness competitive and comparative advantages.
  • Understand global business.
  • Applying biblical principles to achieve business success.
  • Thinking outside the box.

Course Content

Week 1: Introduction to Strategic Business Management

  • Introduction to Business Strategy
  • What is Business Strategy
  • Quiz Business Strategy

Week 2: Business Strategy Models

Week 3-4: How to Develop a Business Strategy

Week 5: Disruptive Strategy

Week 6: Economics for Managers

Week 7: International Business

Week 8: The Divine Strategy

Week 9-10: Case Study (Group Work)

Student Ratings & Reviews

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Bibian Iyke-Nzeh
3 weeks ago
The course was value added to my career.it really prepared me for leadership role
Omoniyi Thomas
3 weeks ago
This course enhanced my business management skills.
3 months ago
The course was well presented and good tasks that shape individual in business organization.
3 months ago
The quality and standard of this course material is very high. It would benefit anyone out there who wishes to pursue higher quality education and i am glad to have been one of people who have benefitted from this course.
This course gave me confidence to do more advanced work in the subject. I believe that what I am being asked to learn in this course is important. The readings were appropriate to the goals of the course. The written assignments contributed to my knowledge of the course material and understanding of the subject.
Joseph Okugbe
5 months ago
Approachable, up-to-date, and providing constructive feedback, he deserve a five-star rating.
The "Strategic Business Management" module was a transformative experience. It provided a holistic view of strategic planning, decision-making, and organizational development. The module's emphasis on environmental analysis and competitive advantage was enlightening. The case studies and group discussions enriched our problem-solving skills. However, at times, the volume of content was overwhelming. More practical applications and real-world examples have been beneficial. In sum, this module is essential for those seeking a deep understanding of strategic management and its vital role in today's dynamic business landscape. A lot of thanks go to Prof.Petrov
Happy Clement
6 months ago
Awesome course
6 months ago
The course materials are excellent. The lectures are well-organized and engaging
Nicholas Chawanda
6 months ago
The Strategic Business Management course was a valuable learning journey. as lecturer uses simple to understand real life scenarios that makes learning simpler.
Duncan Musasizi
6 months ago
the lecturer uses simple to understand real life scenarios that makes learning simpler. He puts up quiz every after a topic which makes one self test if they have understood that topic.
The Strategic Business Management course was a valuable learning journey. It offered a holistic understanding of strategic management concepts and their applications.