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The secret to greatness is to be a “servant” of others.


  • To be great you need to “serve” your gift to the world.
  • To serve your gift you need to “discover” your gift.
  • When you find your gift, people will find you.
  • Your gifts are not hidden, it is the “desire of your heart” your “passion”.
  • You need to master your gift and be known for something.
  • You are a “slave” to your gift, because you serve it so much to others.

Story – Mother Teresa

  • She never went to college.
  • Left her job as a teacher to help the poor.
  • She became great when she found and refined her gift of helping others.

Deep Insight

  • To be a “servant” does not mean “servitude” but rather to “deploy” yourself to the world.
  • The future of a “seed” is not ahead of the seed but trapped “inside” the seed, your gift is trapped in you.
  • What you are looking for is already in you.


  • Do you know your gift?
  • What is your passion? What is your heart’s desire? These are signals to your gift.


  • Matthew 20:20-28


What Will I Learn?

  • Discover how you can be great.

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Secret to Greatness

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