Project Management and LEAN Six-Sigma

  • by Dean
  • Course level: Beginner

About Course

CLT 114


Learn how successful projects are organized and administered. This course introduces you to the concept of project life cycles, while giving you tools and techniques for structured project planning, how to manage change and risks, and how to manage stakeholder expectations.

The course also covers Lean Six Sigma as an improvement methodology designed to eliminate problems, remove waste and inefficiency, and improve working conditions to provide a better outcome.

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn the fundamentals of project management
  • Grasp the concepts of Lean Six Sigma
  • Obtain a thorough understanding of the similarities in both the project management methodology and the Six Sigma Framework

Topics for this course

1 Lessons45h

Introduction to the Course?

This course focuses on both project management and the Lean Six Sigma methodologies. There is weekly reading from the course slides as noted in each weekly reading section as well as weekly assignments. If the assignment has both a Six Sigma and Project Management components please utilize separate headings for these assignments in the same word document. Grading Rubric: All Assignments - 10 points each - total of 150 points Final Exam - 100 points Total of 250 points

Grading Rubric?

Grading Rubric: All Assignments - 10 points each - total of 150 points Final Exam - 100 points Total of 250 points

Week 1 Reading?

Project Slides 1 & 2 (What is a project and project charter and preliminary scope statement) Six Sigma Slides 1-30

Week 2 Reading?

Project Slides 3 (Develop project scope statement) Six Sigma Slides 31-67

Week 3 Reading?

Project Slides 5 & 6 (Create project schedule and project budget) Six Sigma Slides 68-110

Week 4 Reading?

Project slides 8 (Risk management) Six Sigma slides 110-136

Week 5 Reading?

Project slides 9 & 10 (Planning project resources and developing the project team). Six Sigma Slides 136-156

Week 6 Reading?

Project slides 11 (conduct procurements and share information) Six Sigma Slides 157-180

Week 7 Reading?

Project Slides 13 & 14 (Measuring and controlling project performance & control work results) Six Sigma Slides 181-end

Week 8 Reading?

Project slides 15 (Closing the project)

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Material Includes

  • 12 project management weekly slides
  • 1 large Six Sigma Slide Deck (students will access this for the weekly material)


  • No experience with projects is required, but would assist in understanding
  • Basic math skills and concepts are used in both project management and the Six Sigma framework
  • You will need MS word and a tool to create control charts (there are many online that are free)

Target Audience

  • People who are interested in learning more about project management
  • Anyone who wants to be a better analyst
  • People who are interested in how Six Sigma Works

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