Old and New Testament Survey

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About Course

The Old Testament gives an introduction to the authorship and contents of the Old Testament books; their historical and cultural background as well as their theology and implications for the Church. This course is taught with emphasis on the biblical narrative, genres, major historical periods, and theological themes.

The focus will be on the basic covenant themes throughout the Old Testament so that the student will be able to understand how to interpret the Scripture written in context of each covenant.

The focus will also be on how to apply the Scripture on an individual personal, spiritual, relational and vocational levels as well as on  congregational, societal and cultural levels.

Course Objectives:

The student will be able to:

  1. Understand the major themes of the Old Testament.
  2. Understand how the covenants are key to understanding major portions of Scripture that are written in light of the covenants.
  3. Do deep dives into Scripture with confidence.
  4. Understand its importance in your life.
  5. How  to apply it to each area of your life: personal, spiritual, spousal, familial, relational, educational and vocational.
  6. Depend on the Holy Spirit’s illumination of the biblical text for understanding and application.


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What Will You Learn?

  • The students will understand:
  • 1. The basic themes of the Old Testament books
  • 2. The kind of literature the Old Testament books are
  • 3. The interrelationship between the Old Testament and New Testament
  • 4. The general thematic flow through the OT by understanding the major Old and New covenants.
  • 5. How the Lord he rules His creation
  • 6. The relation between faith, law, and grace
  • 7. The importance of their purpose and work to God’s creation and humanity.
  • 8. How to apply Bible research methods in our study of the Word. We will learn various principles of interpretation and methods of study.
  • 9. How to apply what we study to our lives - to shape our lives according to the Word rather than the Word according to our beliefs.
  • 10. How to ask the Holy Spirit to help us seek His encouragement and challenge from His Word, and apply His truth in our lives through thought, word, and deed.
  • 11. How to apply the Word individually, in their small groups, church, work, community, and nation.

Course Content

Lesson number, Deep Dive Scriptures to provide a framework for thematic overview reading:

1 The Introduction and Old Testament Overview/ Interpretation / Critical Issues

2 The Original Commission and Fall of Man, Genesis 1-8

3 The Noahic Covenant, Genesis 9-11

4 The Abrahamic and Circumcision Covenants, Genesis 12-17

5 The Exodus, 1-15; 16-40 overview

6 The Mosaic Covenant, Deuteronomy, Joshua 23-24

7 Davidic Covenant, 2 Samuel 7

8 Poetry Overview, Ecclesiastes: life’s purpose and work

9 Prophets and the New Covenant, Isaiah, Jeremiah

10 Introduction to New Covenant in the New Testament

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