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Welcome: Introduction & Orientation!
Students will get oriented to the course and be able to introduce themselves. In addition, get to share the "why" of becoming a Faith Leads University student. Welcome and Introduction. 1. Orientation: You will review the course syllabus. 2. Understand the Writing Expectations 3. Create a FlipGrid Recording for the "Tell About Me" Assignment
Lecture 1: The Crucial Question: What is Marketplace Ministry?
In this lecture, students will learn the depths of the meaning of marketplace ministry. And one key note, location is the only difference.
Lecture 2: Our Identity and Work
Our DNA make-up as Christians makes room for the work He has in store for us.
Lecture 3: Doing Business God’s Way
If you have been anointed for business, your job is your pulpit and the marketplace is your parish.
Lecture 4: Witness at Work
Lecture 5: HR: Valuing People as God Does
Lecture 6: Facing Workplace Ethics, Letting Your Light Shine
Lecture 7: Building Bridges: Action Planning for Kingdom Business
Over the years there has been created "conflict walls" between Christians and leaders in the workplace. God has called you to be a “bridge builder” by first tearing down those walls and building bridges between church leaders and leaders from the marketplace, so that together we all have the potential to reach our communities for Christ.
Lecture 8: The Kingdom, the Church, and the Marketplace
As long as we believe that the Church was born inside four walls, we will always need four walls to have church. When the Church is confined to a building, then the city and the marketplace become enemies.
Marketplace Ministry
About Lesson

This video explains in Lecture 1 What is Marketplace Ministry? It is a critical question most Christians want to be able to answer thoroughly. Be ready for our class discussion and live lesson soon.

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