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CLT 103


Most of Jesus’ ministry, and those who followed him took place outside of synagogues. They made the ‘marketplace’ the focal point of their ministry because more people were found out there.

The Marketplace Ministry course is designed to equip students to be effective servant leaders especially outside the church. Students are taught to use their profession, training, combined with the Marketplace Ministry biblical foundation and faith-work knowledge to become a force for the Kingdom, seeing the marketplace (jobs) as their parish and their business as a pulpit.

Participants Will Be Able To:

  • Students will develop the attitude of being full-time ministers in the workplace, taking it as their own garden of divine placement as in the days of Adam and Eve. 

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Passionate Licensed Minister | Digital Platform Designer | Educator teaching/tutoring: Business, Computer Science, Leadership, Management, Marketing, Theology & Technology Courses with the heart and experience to guide students utilizing 21st century tools both in-person and remotely to develop them as successful, independent learners.
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