Marketplace Ministry

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About Course

Most of Jesus’ ministry, and those who followed him took place outside of synagogues. They made the ‘marketplace’ the focal point of their ministry because more people were found out there. The Marketplace Ministry program is designed to equip students to be effective servant leaders especially outside the church. Students are taught to use their profession, training, combined with the Marketplace Ministry biblical foundation and faith-work knowledge, to become a force for the Kingdom: having the attitude of being a ‘full time minister’ in the workplace as their own garden of divine placement.

What Will You Learn?

  • Upon completing this course, students should be able to:
  • 1. Focus on how individuals can learn to use different leadership styles within the marketplace.
  • 2. Increase their knowledge and servant leadership skills among their peers.
  • 3. Explain the purpose of using spiritual gifts and motivational gifts within the marketplace.
  • 4. Understand the importance of marketplace ministry in the 21st century.
  • 5. Discuss and practice how to make marketplace a focal point in ministry.

Course Content

Lecture 1: Introduction to the Course and Syllabus

  • Marketplace Ministry Course & Syllabus Review
  • Introduction to Marketplace Ministry video
  • Assignment: Say Hello & Tell Us why you are operating in Marketplace ministry at your current position?

Lecture 2: What is Marketplace Ministry?

Lecture 3: Biblical Foundations of Marketplace Ministry

Lecture 4: Bible Characters in Marketplace Ministry

Lecture 5: What is Servant Leadership & How to use it in Marketpace Ministry?

Lecture 6: What are Spiritual Gifts and Motivational Gifts?

Lecture 7: How to use your Motivational gifts in Marketplace Ministry

Lecture 8: Marketplace Ministry Skills

Lecture 9: Finding your purpose in Marketplace Ministry

Lecture 10: How to use your Gifts in the Marketplace

Lecture 11: Why is the Marketplace a great place for Christians

Lecture 12: Marketplace Ministry within Parachurch organizations

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