Developing the Leader Within

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CLT 112


This course provides an immersive leadership development experience designed to help students develop leadership skills through an in-depth exploration of self-awareness, self-management, mind-set, feedback, influence, judgment, character, resilience and executive presence. You will develop the proficiency required to push your career forward.

What Will I Learn?

  • In this course you will learn that:
  • There is a leader in you
  • Leaders have a strong vision
  • Leadership is always about influencing others
  • Leadership is about setting priorities at multiple levels
  • Leaders must embrace change and support their followers
  • Leadership is about having integrity
  • Leaders must have self-discipline
  • Leaders serve and support their followers
  • Leadership is situational
  • Leaders are ultimately accountable to God

Topics for this course

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Week 1: The Leader in You?

Everyone can be a leader. People could be born with natural leadership traits. However, good leadership is developed and learnt.

Week 2: Leaders have a strong vision?

To be a leader, you have to have a vision of where you’re headed and how you’ll persuade others to follow you there. In this sense, a vision is simply a clear idea of what the organization in general, and your team in particular, should do. Your vision is what drives your daily action.

Week 3: Leadership is always about influencing others?

In a simple sense, leadership is just influence; it’s the ability to inspire others to follow you. In other words, all moral considerations aside, anybody who can attract a group of followers qualifies as an effective leader. That includes the likes of John F. Kennedy, Winston Churchill and even Adolf Hitler. All these people were leaders simply because people followed them.

Week 4: Leadership is about setting priorities at multiple levels?

Having solid priorities will enable you to determine what’s most important and who you should focus on. It sounds simple enough, but good leaders prioritize on more than one level.

Week 5: Leaders must embrace change?

Leaders need to be ever ready to change; if they’re not, their inflexibility can negatively affect the entire organization. A leader must be able to adapt.

Week 6: Leadership is about having Integrity?

To have integrity is to adhere to a set of values without fail; these values are your compass, guiding everything you do. To put it differently, people with integrity act based on who they are. But that’s not all it means. Integrity is also about being consistent and doing what you say you’ll do. Being able to follow through like this will inspire people to trust and follow you. Integrity involves honesty and justice. No kingdom or rule can be successful without enforcing justice and fairness.

Week 7: Leaders must first lead themselves?

Self-discipline is a key trait of all leaders. If you can’t follow your own lead, don't expect others to follow you?

Week 8: Leaders serve and support their followers?

A good leader is a "servant". Meaning they work for the benefit of their followers, putting their personal interest secondary to the collective interest. They support their followers to achieve dreams and enhance welfare.

Week 9: Leadership is Situational

Week 10: Leaders are ultimately accountable to God?

For God will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil - Ecclesiastes 12:14. Leadership appear to have an edge on earth, and "supreme leaders" or "dictators" appear like no one can question them. However they need to realize they will be required to account for every decision they made. With great powers comes great responsibility.

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