Decision Making and Risk Analysis

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This course will unfold the belief that we are naturally good at making decisions because we do it every day. Research shows that individuals are prone to many decision-making mistakes, even in simple situations. This is more experienced when decisions are made under uncertainty. In this course, we will discuss how you can become better decision makers in both your personal and professional lives.

What Will I Learn?

  • Develop strategies and mental frameworks that deal effectively with uncertainty
  • Eliminate the dangers that can reduce our decision making
  • Reason with clarity and insight about the decisions you face

Topics for this course

16 Lessons45h

Welcome to the Course!?

Hello and welcome to decision making and risk analysis. In this course, we will watch a series of videos to better understand how and why we make decisions. We focus a lot on the decision-making process itself, why we make bad decisions, how to make better decisions and influencers of decisions. We also focus on how risk management and analysis techniques assist with making better-informed decisions. The premise of this course is to gain experience through the videos, perform additional research to add to the weekly content to answer questions and to answer a final quiz at the end of the course.

Grading Rubric?

Grading Rubric All assignments are 10 points- 150 points total The final exam is worth 50 points 200 points total in the course.

Week 1 Resources: The art of decision making?

Watch: How to Make a Decision. (2017), Retrieved from:

Week 2 Resources: How do people make decisions??

Watch: How we people make decisions. (2017). Retrieved from:

Week 3 Resources: Are there specific steps to the decision-making process??

Watch: What are the 7 Steps of Decision Making? (2018). Retrieved from:

Week 4 Resources: How do we make decisions – are we free to choose??

Watch: Making Sense of How our Brains form Decisions.(2018), Retrieved from: Redish, D. (2014). The mind within the brain – how we make decisions. Retrieved from:

Week 5 Resources: Can someone be naturally good at decision making??

Watch: Confer, M. (2019). Before you Decide: 3 Steps to Better Decision Making. Retrieved from:

Week 6 Resources: How to improve decision making skills?

Watch: Griffiths, T. (2018). 3 ways to make better decisions- by thinking like a computer. Retrieved from: How to Improve Decision Making Skills: Decision Making Process. (2019). Retrieved from:

Week 7 Resources: How to make hard choices??

Watch: Chang, R. (2014). How to make hard choices. Retrieved from: How to make hard decisions. (2020). Retrieved from:

Week 8 Resources: Decision making strategies?

Watch: Decision-Making Strategies. (2018). Retrieved from:

Week 9 Resources: Ethics in decision making?

Watch: Ethical Decision Making. (2020).

Week 10 Resources: How to be more decisive and tips to making good decisions as a leader?

Watch: How to be More Decisive: Decision Making Tips. (2017). Retrieved from: Ramsey, D. (2018). The elements of good decision making. Retrieved from:

Week 11 Resources: How to make faster decisions??

Watch: Cardone, G. (2018). How to make decisions fast. Retrieved from: How to make faster decisions: The way we work. (2020). Retrieved from:

Week 12 Resources: Risk based decisions?

Watch: Risk-Based Decisions: Process Hazard Analysis. (2015). Retrieved from: What is risk-based decision-making? (2018). Retrieved from:

Week 13 Resources: How to use risk analysis to make better decisions?

Watch: Sidorenko, A. (2019). Using risk analysis to make better strategic decisions. Retrieved from:

Week 14 Resources: Tools in risk management?

Watch: Using Decision Trees in Risk Analysis. (2016). Retrieved from: Risk and How to use a Risk Matrix. (2018). Retrieved from:

Week 15 Resources: Risk informed decision making?

Watch: Risk, Risk Informed Decision Making, Risk Analysis and Management. (2016). Retrieved from:

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  • No experience is required. We will start with the very basics of how and why decisions are formed.
  • You will need Microsoft word.

Target Audience

  • Professionals
  • Anyone who wants to know more about how we form decisions.
  • People who want to learn more about how to use risk analysis and other tools to make better informed decisions.