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Business Management Fundamentals

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About Course

The Business Management Fundamentals course provides students with the fundamental concepts of administering a business -practically approached. It will also  provides insight into key areas of management functions within an organization. Contemporary financial matters will be covered with a view to giving students a platform to improve their effectiveness and reach the next stage in their careers.

What Will You Learn?

  • What Business Management is about
  • What to avoid when making management decisions
  • Practical steps to becoming an Entrepreneur
  • What Business Analysts do
  • Values that will get you employed and stay employed
  • Insights into Cryptocurrency, Forex and Network Marketing

Course Content

A brief introduction video.

  • Assignments

WEEK 1: Introduction To Business Administration
A brief introduction of concepts to get students familiar with business administration as a discipline

WEEK 2: Lesson from Principles of Management
One of the core roles of a manager is decision making. Wrong decisions can fold up an organization; right decisions can make a tidy profit very quickly. By examining pitfalls or barriers to right decision making, we will learn what to avoid when making decisions

WEEK 3:Introduction to Entrepreneurship
At the end of this chapter, students are encouraged to develop an entrepreneurial spirit arising from knowledge of the subject area

WEEK 4: Introduction to Entrepreneurship- Lesson 2

WEEK 5: Introduction to Business Analytics

WEEK 6: Employability

WEEK 7: Sustainability and The Circular Economy
Business managers and leaders who want to stand out must begin to do business and offer services that are sustainable and friendlier to our Eco system. This course will provide students with knowledge of sustainable and circular economy practices with a view to inspire them to take action and make personal and professional changes in their own spheres of influence.

Week 8: Understanding the Forex Market

Week 9: Understanding Cryptocurrency
Faith Leads University is committed to broadening the scope of knowledge of her students on contemporary issues. This is an introductory lesson to Cryptocurrency. Students will learn the basics about this multi billion dollar industry - terminologies, trading.

Student Ratings & Reviews

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Atusaye Stocker
4 months ago
this was the good course ever.
4 months ago
The course has been an eye opener on human and managerial skills in business. Thank you FLU
5 months ago
The lesson was very insightful with great feedback from instructor
Yao Narcisse Ekra
5 months ago
I appreciate really that lecturer. She is fantastic! Good explanation
5 months ago
The course business management fundamental indeed impacted me how to handle business from scratch and the lecturer is friendly
Good lecturer ,he delivers with precision and accuracy of time management. Keep it up
5 months ago
Very Impactful
5 months ago
I have indeed improved so greatly with this course and the lecturer also knew how to handle it that fitted my capability. Interaction with students from different parts of the world with dynamic ideas has impacted my life positively.
The course is really career development course. It has really impacted me.
5 months ago
I have been enlightened after the course .
Thank you for the lessons
It was Great
5 months ago
The course was wonderful, worthwhile and enjoyable. Martha was wonderful with simple, clear and easy to follow lessons. I have learnt many valuable skills for my career journey.
It was tough for me in some exercise but all is all It was a Great Subject
5 months ago
Thank you very much. Wonderfully and impactful.
This course has been so helpful to me. It has made me understand how to prepare a business plan and I am so grateful for that. It did not just limit itself to one thing but tried to broaden our minds on so many things like the Forex and Crypto Currencies. Thank you.
5 months ago
Faith Leads University is indeed an avenue to propagate the Gospel ,even in the business world.
Madalitso Mlauli
5 months ago
I really enjoyed the class because it was well organized, simple and straight forward
I love this course so much and l will share my opinion and experience about this course. Through a combination of life class Zoom lectures, discussions, and practical exercises, the course provided a structured framework for approaching complex problems and making informed decisions.l would like to study this course again in the Future.
5 months ago
This course has exposed me to the world of business and how I should transact and survive in this field. It also opened me up to becoming an entrepreneur and managing people as well.