The Bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA) – Leadership and Theology Program integrates both leadership and theological principles  to equip students with the fundamentals of Christian leadership in the business or secular world. Offered online, this program delivers a high quality, practical educational experience that prepares students for ethical and godly leadership.

By completing this program, students can go on to careers in  Project Management, entrepreneurship, the corporate world, and government. Some may pursue graduate school in the humanities or sciences- all  seeking to make a difference in the world through Christ-centred leadership.

Benefits Of This Program

Learning Made Easy

You can start this program immediately. There is no long process involved.

3 Years

Earn your Bachelor's degree in just 3 years when you complete our program.

Earn Transfer Credits

You earn transferable Credit Units when you complete each of our courses.

Personal Message from the President

You are about to start a life transforming journey in Leadership and Theology. We believe that this program will equip you with knowledge and skills to fulfill your purpose and impact your world.
Professor Emeritus Angela Okatahi,
PhD 1984, Kansas State University.

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